Bubble Wrap – 750mm x 100m (10mm Small Bubble)

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Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap – 750mm x 100m (10mm Small Bubble)

Bubble Wrap


This most commonly used, general purpose bubble wrap, is made from small bubbles (10mm bubble) and is available on 100m rolls in various widths.

Quantity discounts per box
1 £13.10
2-4 £12.85
5-9 £12.60
10-19 £12.35
20-39 £12.10
40-74 £11.85
75-99 £11.60
100+ £11.35
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Product details

2 Eco-benefits
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Recyclable, Reusable


Our paper and cardboard-based products are recyclable and accepted as household recycling.  Our polythene and other plastic products are also recyclable. If they are not accepted as household recycling, they can be dropped at recycling centres.  Mixed products like padded envelopes are recyclable once the paper is separated from the plastic.  Recyclable products can be made into something else, reducing landfill waste and saving on raw materials, all helping the environment.


Our re-useable packaging is durable and robust enough to be used over and over, reducing landfill and manufacturing costs, whilst cutting down the amount of energy that a one-time use product incurs.  It has a longer storage life and our plastic packaging is all recyclable.

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Items per pack / box: 1
Product size: 750mm x 100m
SKU: FPBuW-750

For additional protection of delicate and fragile goods in transportation, the 750mm x 100m small bubble (10mm bubble) wrap is an ideal option. Often used to wrap around products, bubble wrap can also be utilised to fill empty spaces in packaging and boxes, ensuring the immobilisation and safe transportation of goods in transit. 100% recyclable, our small bubble wrap is environmentally friendly, providing a high-quality and economic packing solution.

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