Mailing Bag (13 x 19 Inch)

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Mailing Bags

Mailing Bag (13 x 19 Inch)


Polythene Mailing bags provide a secure and reliable packaging solution when mailing non-fragile goods. Made from 100% recycled material, our lightweight, robust, environmentally-friendly mailing bags are puncture and tear resistant, providing reliable protection during transit without increasing postage costs.

Quantity discounts per box
1 £24.90
2-4 £24.44
5-9 £23.98
10-19 £23.52
20-39 £23.27
40-74 £23.03
75-99 £22.82
100+ £22.65
Next Day Delivery cannot currently be guaranteed due to courier issues nationally

Product details

2 Eco-benefits
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Recycled, Recyclable


Using recycled rather than virgin materials to make our packaging reduces the use of raw materials and cuts down the resources involved in obtaining those raw materials.  By using recycled products, we can all help reduce landfill.  Our recycled products are marked as such, and our clients report this is often remarked up and appreciated by customers.


Our paper and cardboard-based products are recyclable and accepted as household recycling.  Our polythene and other plastic products are also recyclable. If they are not accepted as household recycling, they can be dropped at recycling centres.  Mixed products like padded envelopes are recyclable once the paper is separated from the plastic.  Recyclable products can be made into something else, reducing landfill waste and saving on raw materials, all helping the environment.

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Items per pack / box: 500
Product size: 330 x 483mm
Also known as: Grey Mailers, Poly Mailers

Manufactured from 100% recycled material, our high quality grey polythene mailing bags are a very popular, light-weight, cost-effective source of packaging for the mailing of non-fragile goods. Available in various sizes, our mailing bags all adhere to the Royal Mail PIP guidelines, enabling an accurate estimation of possible postage costs, which are also potentially reduced with the use of this light-weight packaging. Smaller bags are best suited to send lighter items such as literature, textiles, clothes etc., with larger bags predominantly being used for heavier, bulkier or boxed items, or when a “courier despatch sack” is required. All variations of mailing bag have a secure peel and seal strip, with a 40mm lip and, as they are opaque, are also ideal for the mailing of confidential and private literature.

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