Postal Boxes – Maxi (PiP – Small Parcel)

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Postal Boxes

Postal Boxes – Maxi (PiP – Small Parcel)

Postal Boxes


Our brown quick-to-assemble postal boxes are manufactured from single wall cardboard and are supplied flat-packed, to save on storage. PiP – Small Parcel if under 2kg. The maxi box internal dimensions are: 430 x 340 x 73mm

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Quantity discounts per box
1 £16.00
2-4 £15.90
5-9 £15.80
10-19 £15.70
20-39 £15.60
40-74 £15.50
75-99 £15.40
100+ £15.30
Next Day Delivery cannot currently be guaranteed due to courier issues nationally

Product details

4 Eco-benefits
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Sustainable Materials, Recyclable, Biodegradable, Reusable

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable products do not deplete or degrade the environment. We can rely on using these products into the future, at the same time reducing our environmental impact and ecological footprint.  All our padded envelopes are sourced with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification.  This is a global certification system that lets the user identify materials from well managed forests and ensures a standard from timber and pulp up through the process chain, whilst offering full traceability.


Our paper and cardboard-based products are recyclable and accepted as household recycling.  Our polythene and other plastic products are also recyclable. If they are not accepted as household recycling, they can be dropped at recycling centres.  Mixed products like padded envelopes are recyclable once the paper is separated from the plastic.  Recyclable products can be made into something else, reducing landfill waste and saving on raw materials, all helping the environment.


All our book wraps, all board and board-backed envelopes, integrated labels and postal tubes are biodegradable.

Biodegradable packing is free from toxins and allergens, it is lightweight and recyclable so will not need to end up in landfill.  We can also source compostable products, which offer even greater environmental attributes.


Our re-useable packaging is durable and robust enough to be used over and over, reducing landfill and manufacturing costs, whilst cutting down the amount of energy that a one-time use product incurs.  It has a longer storage life and our plastic packaging is all recyclable.

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Items per pack / box: 25
Product size: 430 x 340 x 73mm
Also known as: Postage Boxes, Cardboard Postal Boxes

Our high-quality buff postal boxes provide the ultimate protection for valuable and fragile items in transit and are a more presentable, professional solution than mailing bags. This simple yet effective design is fast-to-assemble and great for ensuring goods are secure. Perfect for sending a variety of items in a box, our buff postal boxes are made from high quality single wall cardboard. Lightweight but sturdy, these boxes are great for keeping costs down and have a huge range of uses proving an extremely popular choice for e-commerce, mailing and fulfilment companies. All sizes are delivered flat-packed, minimising the amount of storage space required and making them easier to handle. These one-piece cartons are quick and easy to assemble. All of our buff postal boxes are classed as a ‘Small Parcel’ in the Royal Mail’s PIP.

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