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Bespoke Variations

    Sustainable Materials

    Sustainable products do not deplete or degrade the environment. We can rely on using these products into the future, at the same time reducing our environmental impact and ecological footprint.  All of these products are sourced with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification.  This is a global certification system that lets the user identify materials from well managed forests and ensures a standard from timber and pulp up through the process chain, whilst offering full traceability.



    These items are made from materials that have been used at least once before and recycled into your packaging. Re-using materials in this way saves on virgin materials, cuts down the resources involved in sourcing raw materials and reduces landfill. Some of these products maybe be able to be re-used or recycled again.



    These products can be recycled easily, alongside normal household recycling, so they do not need to end up in landfill. Recyclable products can then be made into something else, reducing landfill waste and saving on raw materials, all helping the environment.



    These products will rot away to nothing, within a few months rather than taking years or decades, not taking up space in landfill. They will do this without releasing toxic chemicals into the environment.


    Plastic Free

    These products do not contain any plastics made from fossil fuels. Instead, they use natural materials which will biodegrade easily without polluting the environment or making their way into the ocean.

    Product Labels

    Bespoke Variations

    Product Labels area acrucial way for your business to define its brand, meet safety requirements and provide product information.

    Whether your products are chemicals, electronics, consumables or anything else – brand recognition is everything. In a world where variety is plentiful your business must ensure the brand is clean, professional and pleasing to the eye.

    The Product Labels we provide come using a range of finishes, materials and adhesives. The product can often dictate what is used. Forms Plus offer:
    • Bottle & Jar labels
    • Glossy Labels
    • Promotional Labels
    • Coloured Labels
    • Brown Kraft Labels
    • QR Code labels
    • Pricing Labels
    • Shaped Labels
    • Water-Resistant Labels
    • Clear labels
    • Removable Labels

    TheFive Key areas:

    Product Label Colours
    The Colours need to be bold and appealing, this can often be the first thing to catch the attention of perspective customers.

    Product Label Fonts
    Fonts have a major role to play and call for planning and careful consideration. Avoid going for the overused fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, etc. Go for a font type that makes your product stand out from the crowd, or captures the product’s personality. Another thing to consider when choosing a font is its readability. The text on the label should be readable from up close as well as from several feet away (at least the most important text). You get only a fraction of a second to catch the buyer’s attention, so the buyer must be able to read your Product Labels easily at the first glance.

    Product Label Size
    The size of your Product Labels will depend largely on the packaging or container of your product. You will also need to determine whether you would create one single label or multiple ones for the product’s front and back. With labels on both the front and the back, you can isolate the design/branding on the label’s front, from the smaller-sized elements like instructions, ingredients, etc. which can be mentioned at the back.

    However, buying two labels for a single product doesn’t seem to be a cost effective idea. Alternatively, you may choose to create one single “wrap-around” label, which would let you design an appealing front panel, and add the smaller, text-based elements to the back or side, based on the way the product’s packaging is configured.

    Barcoding Product Labels
    The barcode is the section on labels, which conveys the product information to electronic scanners. Shops use barcodes and now products can be sold easily in all kinds of stores owing to barcodes. Universal Product Code (UPC) barcodes are employed for helping companies increase the security of products and/or keep a track of inventory.

    Contact Information
    Besides designing an attention-grabbing label, it’s also essential that you provide the company contact information on your Product Label. Mentioning your company’s contact information is an effective way to encourage communication with buyers, promote your company and build brand trust. Include phone, email, website address and the social media information (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on your product labels. This can help you get feedback about your products from customers, and can help customers contribute to the promotion of your products.

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