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Bespoke Variations

    Sustainable Materials

    Sustainable products do not deplete or degrade the environment. We can rely on using these products into the future, at the same time reducing our environmental impact and ecological footprint.  All of these products are sourced with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification.  This is a global certification system that lets the user identify materials from well managed forests and ensures a standard from timber and pulp up through the process chain, whilst offering full traceability.



    These items are made from materials that have been used at least once before and recycled into your packaging. Re-using materials in this way saves on virgin materials, cuts down the resources involved in sourcing raw materials and reduces landfill. Some of these products maybe be able to be re-used or recycled again.



    These products can be recycled easily, alongside normal household recycling, so they do not need to end up in landfill. Recyclable products can then be made into something else, reducing landfill waste and saving on raw materials, all helping the environment.



    These products will rot away to nothing, within a few months rather than taking years or decades, not taking up space in landfill. They will do this without releasing toxic chemicals into the environment.


    Plastic Free

    These products do not contain any plastics made from fossil fuels. Instead, they use natural materials which will biodegrade easily without polluting the environment or making their way into the ocean.

    Ebay Postage Labels

    Bespoke Variations

    Selling multiple products on Ebay using Ebay’s Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro is a great platform for your business. However despatching and posting your orders can be time consuming and open to errors if you are manually printing separate postage labels and an invoice/packing slip.

    You can streamline your despatch process by printing an address label and/or a returns label on the same sheet as your invoice or delivery note direct from your ebay store. You don’t need a special label printer, our labels will print from nearly all printers.

    Advantages of using integrated Ebay Postage Labels:
    – Your postage label is printed out automatically with your buyer’s name and delivery address – no need for extra data entry or writing out labels by hand
    – You can print your labels on an ordinary printer
    – You can create and print a pre-filled packing slip, detailing what you are sending to your buyer
    – No need to fold and position into a document enclosed wallet

    Let Forms Plus take the stress out of your postage and shipping process. We can supply your business with single and double integrated labels compatible for all Ebay sellers.

    Free postage – offering free postage is a great way to attract potential buyers looking to grab a bargain. Free postage can be an attractive strategy in particularly competitive categories, where you are competing against similar items. Using our integrated Ebay Postage Labels you can print your PPI on the address label for easy postage.

    Forms Plus are an established seller of plain and bespoke integrated labels and sell millions of Ebay Postage Labels to ecommerce retailers every month. We pride ourselves on our excellent prices, products, supply and service and our Ebay seller’s are loyal to us because of this.

    Carefully packed in boxes of 1000’s, our Ebay Postage Labels come in multiple sizes. Order in bulk for bigger discounts.

    Single integrated label sizes:-

    FPS-2 100 x76
    FPS-3 85 x 54
    FPS-5 110 x 80
    FPS -6P 190 x 100
    FPS-10 110 x 60
    FPS-11 140 x 60
    FPS-13 190 x 105
    FPS-17 130 x 60
    FPS-18 100 x 45

    Double integrated labels sizes:-

    FPD-1 2 x 85 x 54
    FPD-1P 2 x 85 x 54 – This form has a perforation above the labels
    FPD-4 100 x 45 64 x 32
    FPD-5 80 x 80 100 x 150

    Our plain Ebay Postage Labels are flexible to the information you are wanting to print. Use the label or labels for your customer address and/or returns address, and the rest of the form for your order acknowledgement, picking information or invoice.

    Contact us  today to ‘bespoke’ print your Ebay Postage Labels.

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