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Bespoke Labels

    Sustainable Materials

    Sustainable products do not deplete or degrade the environment. We can rely on using these products into the future, at the same time reducing our environmental impact and ecological footprint.  All of these products are sourced with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification.  This is a global certification system that lets the user identify materials from well managed forests and ensures a standard from timber and pulp up through the process chain, whilst offering full traceability.



    These items are made from materials that have been used at least once before and recycled into your packaging. Re-using materials in this way saves on virgin materials, cuts down the resources involved in sourcing raw materials and reduces landfill. Some of these products maybe be able to be re-used or recycled again.



    These products can be recycled easily, alongside normal household recycling, so they do not need to end up in landfill. Recyclable products can then be made into something else, reducing landfill waste and saving on raw materials, all helping the environment.



    These products will rot away to nothing, within a few months rather than taking years or decades, not taking up space in landfill. They will do this without releasing toxic chemicals into the environment.


    Plastic Free

    These products do not contain any plastics made from fossil fuels. Instead, they use natural materials which will biodegrade easily without polluting the environment or making their way into the ocean.

    CN22 Labels

    Bespoke Labels

    What are CN22 Labels?

    They must be used when sending goods outside the European Union (EU), CN22 Labels are considered a customs declaration form and must be fixed to the outside of the parcel. Parcels being sent outside of the European Union that do not hold one of these labels, will not be delivered.

    What information needs to be on my label?

    It is important that the declaration includes a description of the goods, value and states if they are gifts or commercial items. The sender is legally responsible for the information on the declaration under UK law, so it is in the senders’ interest to ensure that the declaration is completed accurately and in full. Forms Plus can provide CN22 Labels that are pre-printed with your goods description, signature and any other details you require, so that the essential information is never forgotten or missed.

    CN22 Labels make it easier for the destination country’s customs service to process, which in turn means it is far less likely the item will be returned to you. Despite this, you should always provide a returns address in case the item needs to be returned.

    It is also advisable to include a copy of your invoice to the customer stuck to the outside of the package and clearly marked, as the customs team may wish to see this too.

    How can Forms Plus provide these labels, Forms Plus can provide them in whichever format works best for your business.

    • Send them to you as a roll of labels, which you can then run through a printer to personalise as necessary
    • Fan-folded labels, that can also be personalised
    • Integrate them into your current despatch notes
    • Create an international version of your despatch notes to incorporate them, which would run alongside your UK despatch notes
    • A4 sheets of labels that can be placed into your laserjet or inkjet printers for personalisation

    If you would prefer, Forms Plus can provide you with plain labels that are ready for you to print. Contact our knowledgeable team today for more information.

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