Flexi Hex Packaging

Protect your products with Flexi-Hex® sustainable, plastic-free protective packaging

Our premium range of plastic-free, eco-friendly protective packaging is the result of a partnership with our Cornish neighbours Flexi-Hex®.

This innovative range of paper-based, expandable, honeycomb design protective sleeves are ideal for use as bottle packaging or for protecting other fragile items such as cosmetics, kitchenware, tools and gifts. Strong, flexible, and adaptable, Flexi-Hex® packaging expands and forms around products of all shapes and sizes.

Forms Plus’s Flexi-Hex® bottle packaging range includes post-ready box kits for one, two, three and six bottles as well as individual sleeves that can be used to protect a range of fragile items.

Flexi-Hex Air® products are lightweight honeycomb packaging sleeves that offer even more versatility. They are made from high quality tissue paper, but very strong. Flexi-Hex® protective packaging is available in four sizes. The sleeves adapt to all shapes of product including small bottles, tubes, jars, glassware, or ceramics. They can be used either with Flexi-Hex® boxes, caps and wraps or other packaging of your choice.

Our premium range of Flexi-Hex® plastic-free packaging offers maximum protection for your bottles.

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All Flexi-Hex® products are 100% plastic free, recyclable with normal recycling, biodegradable and compostable. They also look great, giving a premium feel to the unboxing experience.

Choosing Flexi-Hex® for your packaging will send a clear message to your customers that you have considered the impact of your packaging on the environment – and of course, ensure that their goods arrive safely and looking good.

If you would like any help choosing the right Flexi-Hex® product or need some advice, do get in touch and our friendly team will be happy to advise.

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