We supply a range of reliable, eco-friendly envelopes

Our wide range of protective envelopes includes padded postal bags, bubble lined envelopes and board backed envelopes with eco-friendly options and sizes to suit everything from small items of jewellery to books, magazines or even larger items.

Our traditional, economical, and protective bubble lined mailers are similar to Jiffy Bags and made using FSC accredited paper. They come in a range of sizes to match Royal Mail’s PiP guidelines.

We also stock eco-friendly, padded protective envelopes from Enviroflute. Similar to Flutelopes, these offer massive protection against the elements and the normal bumps and scrapes of delivery. They are fully environmentally friendly, biodegradable, recyclable, plastic free and water resistant.

Our board backed and all board, “please do not bend” envelopes are ideal for posting documents or brochures and are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

We stock envelopes in a range of sizes including C4, C5 and C6 and sizes A to K. Sizing is explained in the diagram below. Choosing the right size to offer the best protection for your goods will help you save on mailing costs and reduce your impact on the environment.

If you would like any help choosing envelopes or need some advice, do get in touch and our friendly team will be happy to advise.

Envelope Sizing

Approx Internal SizeForms Plus Size NameSize also known asOptionsCreative UsesRoyal Mail size / weight limit
110 x 165mmSize AC6Padded White or GoldGift Cards / Place Mats / Cosmetics / JewelleryLetter
(up to 100g)
120 x 215mmSize BDLPadded White or GoldMobile Case / Cards / Cosmetics / Jewellery / BatteriesLetter
(up to 100g)
150 x 215mmSize CC5Padded White or GoldA5 Documents / Cosmetics / Cards / Photos / Purse / Wallet / StationeryLetter
(up to 100g)
180 x 265mmSize DPadded White or GoldCosmetics / Cards / Books / Stationery / Purse / WalletLarge Letter
(up to 750g)
220 x 265mmSize EPadded White or GoldCandle / Photos / Cards / Book / Craft Supplies / Chocolate / Perfume / AftershaveLarge Letter
(up to 750g)
230 x 335mmSize FC4Padded White or GoldA4 Pads / Magazines / A4 Documents / Clothing / Toiletries / Craft Supplies / BookLarge Letter
(up to 750g)
240 x 335mmSize GPadded White or GoldClothing / Craft Supplies / Toiletries / Book / Photo FrameLarge Letter
(up to 750g)
270 x 360mmSize HPadded White or GoldClothing / Craft Supplies / Toiletries / Photo Frame / MagazinesSmall Parcel
(up to 2kg)
300 x 445mmSize JPadded White or GoldCalendar / Craft Supplies / ClothingSmall Parcel
(up to 2kg)
350 x 470mmSize KC3Padded White or GoldA3 Documents / ClothingMedium Parcel
(up to 20kg)
324 x 229mmC4C4All Board or Board BackedA4 Documents / Greetings CardsLarge Letter
(up to 750g)
229 x 162mmC5C5All Board or Board BackedA5 Documents / Greetings CardsLetter
(up to 100g)
240 x 165mmC5+C5Board BackedA5 Documents / Greeting CardsLetter
(up to 100g)

We supply a range of reliable, eco-friendly Envelopes, including All Board, Board-backed and Padded Envelopes in gold and white and a range of sizes.
Our cardboard all comes from FSC or PEFC approved sustainable sources.

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