Shelf Edge Labels

Bespoke product

Shelf Edge Labels are used to display product data (e.g. barcodes, prices, sku’s, weight, quantities) within retail and warehouse environments. In addition to providing this essential information, they are also an excellent platform to advertise your companies branded colours and logos. They can adhere onto the shelf-edge itself, or, more frequently they are inserted into plastic slides that cover the shelf-edge to allow easy replacement as and when details change. Shelf Edge Labels can be provided on rolls, continuous format or laser cut sheets.

We can produce Shelf Edge Labels pre-printed for you, or plain. These can then be used in your printers to add the variable data.  Available in various sizes, thicknesses of card and colours, we can offer these labels at a cost effective price. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to advise you on what type will suit your requirements.

Forms Plus also offer a stock management service, where we can work with you for your re-order requirements based on previous usage. If you are ordering large quantities, we can hold stock in our stores so that they are available for call-off when required.

Forms Plus are an established provider of this specialist product.

Lead times for Shelf Edge Labels vary depending on specifications and quantities. Typically lead times are between 2 – 4 weeks for completion of an order once proofs are approved.  Forms Plus can provide proofs, making it easy to update your products as changes happen.

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