Magnetic Key Cards

Bespoke product

A Magnetic Key Card is a card with a magnetic strip or stripe that is inserted into a locking device to unlock a certain door or group of doors. They are mostly used in situations where different levels of security are needed or where locks or access may need to be changed frequently.

The magnetic stripe, sometimes called swipe card or magstripe, is read by swiping past a magnetic reading head.

Magnetic stripes are a great addition to any plastic card as it enables data to be encoded and assigned to the card.

The benefits to Magnetic Key Cards are:

  • Cost effectiveness: Magnetic Key Card systems eliminate the need for re-keying locks when a guest or an employee has taken off with or lost a key.
  • Security: In the hotel industry, Magnetic Key Cards are not marked with room numbers. Traditional hotel keys usually come with a room number engraved on the key or at least attached to a tag on the key. Anyone who gained possession of the key would know the room number as well.
  • Limiting Access: Magnetic Key Cards can be used by companies that want to prevent non-employees from entering the premises or that want to restrict admittance to specific areas.
  • Marketing opportunities: Businesses can print information on the Magnetic Key Cards to promote their brand or advertise services and products.

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