Boarding Cards

Bespoke product

Boarding Cards are used for a variety of travel options such as the airline and ferry industries.  In addition to providing proof of booking, they can in some cases also be used by passengers to enjoy certain benefits associated with that travel.  They can be produced in several different ways and can include the following;

  • 4 colour process printing
  • Magnetic / non magnetic strips
  • Thermal / non thermal paper
  • Resistance to scratches
  • Moisture proof
  • Elegant appearance


Available in diverse lengths, thicknesses and colours, we offer these cards at cost effective prices.   Boarding Cards can be pre-printed with your information, as well as you being able to run them through printers to personalise them.  In addition to the corporate image of our customers, these documents are an excellent platform for advertisement partners.

Even with today’s E-Tickets and online check-in, Boarding Cards are still essential to airlines, ferries and other industries where clients are passing through several checkpoints.

Lead times for Boarding Cards vary depending on specifications and quantities.  It varies between 2 and 8 weeks for completion of an order from proof approval, depending on the material and complexity of the Boarding Cards

Forms Plus can provide proofs, either from scratch or using your current artwork files as required, making it easy to update your products as changes happen.

Also we offer a warehouse and distribution service for large orders and inventory reporting.  We can supply small numbers of Boarding Cards as well as large runs.

Contact our knowledgeable team today to see how we can help you and your business.