Key Personnel

At Forms Plus
Victoria Andrews Director at Forms Plus
Name: Victoria Andrews Position: Managing Director
Describe yourself:Honest, hardworking, thoughtful
Guilty pleasure:Haagen Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
Favourite TV show:George Clarkes - Amazing Spaces
Best advice someone gave me:Enjoy your children, they grow up so quickly
Where did you grow-up:Cornwall – how lucky!
Hobbies:Outside activities with my children, keep fit classes, gardening, cliff walking with my dog
Jo Carter finance director at forms plus
Name: Jo Carter Position: Finance Director
Describe yourself:Easy going, considerate and calm.
Guilty pleasure:Liquorice Allsorts
Best advice someone gave me:Be the best you can everyday
Where did you grow-up:Beautiful Cornwall
Hobbies:Keeping fit, cooking and gardening
Steve Hambly sales manager at forms plus
Name: Steve Hambly Position: National Sales Manager
Describe yourself:Personable, Driven, Optimistic
Guilty pleasure:The Great British Bake Off
Best advice someone gave me:Is the Juice worth the squeeze
Who is your idol:Richard Branson
Favourite film:Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
Favourite band:Mumford & Sons
Where did you grow-up:North Bradley, Trowbridge
Sharon Ramos print co-ordinator at forms plus
Name: Sharon Ramos Position: Team Leader
Guilty pleasure:Trash TV – Keeping up with the Kardashians, the only way is Essex
Who is your idol:My mam
Favourite film:Wolf of Wall Street
Where did you grow-up:Newcastle up until Feb 2015
Hobbies:Fitness classes and going to the pub
Evi at Forms Plus
Name: Evi Bishop Position: Accounts Assistant
Best advice someone gave me:You’ll never have to force anything that’s truly not meant to be
Favourite film:I have too many… Snatch, could watch this film over and over again
Favourite band:Chemical Brothers, Faithless
Favourite TV show:Revenge, Spaced, Sex in the city, Friends
Where did you grow-up:Budapest, capital of Hungary
Hobbies:Going to the beach with my children, cooking nice food, travelling, photography
Kayley at Forms Plus
Name: Kayley Saunders Position: Print Co-ordinator
Guilty pleasure:Sweets – I just don’t know when to stop!
Your idol:My Grandad
Favourite TV show:Lucifer, Friends or NCIS
Favourite Film:There’s just too many although whenever someone asks I say Cool Runnings.
Where did you grow-up:Cornwall
Hobbies:Horse riding, working on my car and walking on the beach with my family.
Clare at Forms Plus
Name: Clare Hughes Position: Print Co-ordinator
Where did you grow up:Cornwall from teenage years
Interests:Walking and running with my whippet, wakeboarding, enjoying the Cornish beaches, gardening, reading and cooking and new foods
Favourite TV show:A Place in the Sun or any property programmes
Favourite food:Roast potatoes and pies
Beth at Forms Plus
Name: Bethany Hosken Position: Sales Co-ordinator
Where did you grow up:I’m Cornish through and through!
Describe yourself:Easy-going, Fun, Considerate
Hobbies:Playing the Saxophone, Baking, Young Farmers Club
Guilty Pleasure:The Jeremy Kyle Show
Favourite Film:Shawshank Redemption
Your Idol:My Mum- The best baker in town! (Well I think so anyway!)
Adrian at Forms Plus
Name: Adrian Bateman Position: Warehouse man
Describe yourself:Friendly, hard-working, honest, with a positive outlook on life.
Where did you grow up:Newlyn Cornwall. Cornish-man born and bred.
Hobbies:Swimming, Snorkelling, Walking
Favourite band:Pink Floyd
Favourite film:Blazing Saddles
Best advice someone gave me:If you don't ask – you don't get
Who is your idol:Sir Alan Sugar
Guilty pleasure:Television Channel Hopping.
Alison Hulley
Name: Alison Hulley Position: Sales Representative
Describe yourself:Chatty, Personable, Vivacious
Guilty Pleasure:Trash TV
Best Advice someone gave me:Never judge a book by its cover
Favourite film:Dirty Dancing
Favourite band:Coldplay
Where did you grow up:Cornwall
Hobbies:Spending time with my family. Walking my dogs, socialising
Jayne Wood at Forms Plus
Name: Jayne Wood Position: Office Administrator
Describe yourself:Welcoming, Friendly, Efficient and always willing to help
Guilty pleasure:Curl up on the sofa with a glass of Rose
Best advice someone gave me:Just go for it!
Favourite film:Meet me in St. Louis
Favourite band:Simply Red/George Michael
Where did you grow-up:Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
Hobbies:Walking the dog on the beach whatever the weather!
Rachael Axford
Name: Rachael Axford Position: Print Co-ordinator
Describe yourself:Friendly, loyal and reliable
Guilty pleasure?Volkswagens
Best advise someone gave me:Treat others how you want to be treated
Favourite TV show?Silent Witness
Where did you grow-up?Sunny Porthleven – Cornwall
Hobbies?VW’s, camping, keeping tortoises
Neil Lawrence at Forms Plus
Name: Neil Lawrence Position: Business Development Co-ordinator
Describe yourself:Friendly, Considerate & Easy-going
Guilty pleasure?Emmerdale
Who is your idol?My dad
Favourite film?Miracle on 34th Street
Favourite band?Queen
Where did you grow-up?Cornwall
Hobbies?Cycling, going to the beach & camping

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