Flexi-Hex® Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our premium range of plastic-free protective packaging is the result of a partnership with our Cornish neighbours Flexi-Hex® .

Initially targeted at the premium drinks market, this innovative range of paper-based, expandable, honeycomb design protective packaging is now used for packaging all kinds of fragile products, including wine bottles, cosmetics, tiles, kitchenware, tins of paint and garden tools.

Forms Plus’s Flexi-Hex® range includes post-ready box kits for one, two, three and six bottles as well as individual sleeves that can be used to protect a range of fragile items. All Flexi-Hex® products are 100% Plastic Free, Recyclable, Biodegradable and Compostable.

Choosing Flexi-Hex® for your packaging will send a clear message to your customers that you have considered the impact of your packaging on the environment – and of course, ensure that their goods arrive safely and looking good.


Premium Eco-Friendly Bottle Packaging

Post-ready, quick and easy to assemble – the bottle slides in, in less than 20 seconds. We have sleeves for one, two, three and six bottles.

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Flexi-Hex six bottle box showing the inside of the box and components

Superior Protection

Extensive testing has shown that Flexi-Hex® offers superior protection against drops, atmospheric conditions, shock and vibrations.

Flexi Hex single top fold bottle box open

Impeccable Environmental Credentials

Research shows that customers prefer eco-friendly packaging. Flexi-Hex® is Plastic Free, Recyclable, Biodegradable and Compostable.

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Flexi Hex Air Eco Friendly Bottle Packaging

Compact and Cheap to Store

Each Flexi-Hex® sleeve packs almost flat and can expand up to 35 times its original size, saving you space in your warehouse.

Protective Plastic Free Bottle Packaging from Flexi Hex


Flexi-Hex® sleeves can be branded with your logo and are sure to get your products noticed, improving the unboxing experience.

"Flexi-Hex® has given us the peace of mind to know that when our Rose Gin arrives with our customers, it will not only be undamaged but also wrapped in the most original and beautiful packaging on the market."

Hannah Lamiroy, Co-Founder
Rose Gin

"We’ve been using Flexi-Hex as a safe and secure method for transporting bottled goods both in the UK, and overseas for more than three years – having tried a number of other options first. Flexi-Hex has never let us down. It’s easy to use (and quite fun to put together), very padded, good for the environment and looks the part. As a Cornish company, we are also very keen to support other home-grown initiatives and so Flexi-Hex really does tick all the boxes."

Nigel Pengelly, Director
Pengelly's Cornish Gin

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Flexi-Hex® FAQs

How easy is Flexi-Hex® to assemble?

Flexi-Hex® is really easy to put together.  The cushioned-base is incorporated in the bottle sleeve box so is super quick to assemble.  Simply tear off the base section, put it into the base of the box. Then slide the bottle into its sleeve, put the whole thing in the box, peel and seal. The whole thing can be done in under 15 seconds. Watch this video from Flexi-Hex® to see how.

Will the sleeve fit my product?

If the standard sizes are not long enough for your product, Flexi-Hex® sleeves can easily be joined together using paper tape. This means you can create a longer sleeve for protecting larger items. The sleeves are very versatile so fit objects of many shapes and sizes. And yes, you can buy the paper tape from us too.

Can the sleeves and boxes be branded? 

Yes! Flexi-Hex® sleeves and boxes can be customised with your company logo and branding, to enhance your customers unboxing experience further.  Just get in touch and we can discuss pricing and organise that for you.