Case study: Little Mistress

With a rapidly growing reputation as a ‘must have’ label, it is difficult not to fall in love with the adorable, fun loving Little Mistress brand. The styles have a strong brand signature, with pieces for all social occasions and looks that can be worn day and night. Little Mistress has a growing customer fan base and is quickly becoming a favourite with celebrities, who are all eager to be seen in the latest Little Mistress looks.

With this increased popularity, the pick and pack operation at Little Mistress has become a hive of activity and speed, accuracy and efficiency is key to the smooth running of the operation. As a responsible online fashion retailer, Little Mistress wanted to offer simple ways for their customers to return items that didn’t fit or didn’t suit. Within each parcel a returns form, separate returns label and an additional separate Collect+ label were enclosed in the package.

Every time a packer sent out a parcel, they would have to insert the three separate forms which in terms of speed and efficiency was creating a bottle neck in the process. When Forms Plus’ Business Development Director, met with Little Mistress’ Warehouse Manager it was suggested that the three separate items could become one product, a returns forms with a standard returns label and a Collect+ label integrated within the sheet. From there the team at Forms Plus set about creating artwork for the new integrated label form which was quickly approved.

The new pick and pack process at Little Mistress now requires the packer to insert just one form that contains what was previously on three pieces. This not only makes the process faster in the picking department but the customer has everything they need to return the goods in one place and therefore it makes the process simpler for them too, which enhances the customer experience.

Mohammed Jassat said “I think these integrated label forms will help us greatly in our warehouse and they will definitely be better for our customers”.

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