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As its name suggests, CheapSmells is all about supplying perfume and other fragrant products at affordable prices. Selling online from, CheapSmells offers quality perfumes, aftershaves, skin and hair care products, cosmetics and much more.

Given that these branded items are available from CheapSmells at a fraction of the usual RRP, you will not be surprised to learn that demand from the public has been huge. To keep the costs low, and to maintain the fastest, highest levels of customer service, it’s essential that orders should be picked, packed, labelled and dispatched as quickly and efficiently as possible.

CheapSmells has been one of the first companies to try out the new Duotherm double-sided label print system from Forms Plus. In doing so, its aim has been to increase cost efficiency in terms of both materials and staff time.

With their two-sided thermal technology, Duotherm labels can be printed on their front and back simultaneously. This allows the reverse of the label, which would otherwise be wasted, to be used for invoice information, notes or other messages.

After the first few months of use, CheapSmells estimates that its annual savings on printing alone will be around £20,000. This is mainly due to the fact that thermal printers require no toners.

The company has also welcomed the clean, fast, reliable performance of the thermal printers. Its conventional printers, by contrast, were constantly jamming and required regular attention from an engineer as well as routine toner reloading.

It’s a little early to calculate the staff cost saving, but the process has already become significantly more efficient. Once the new system is in full swing CheapSmells expects to be able to transfer one or two members of staff from label printing to other duties in the organisation.

As illustrated by the two examples below, Duotherm labels can be produced in a variety of formats, styles and sizes. In everycase, application of these labels is virtually instantaneous compared to the lengthy process of folding documents and inserting them into a ‘document enclosed’ wallet.

An added bonus of the Duotherm system, at no cost to the user, is that it helps the environment by saving paper and avoiding the need for other consumable materials such as toners, toner cartridges and plastic document wallets.

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