Van Dal are a Norwich based shoe company who produce over 500,000 pairs of shoes a year. They primarily sell through both catalogues and their website. The brand is recognised for delivering high quality shoes for customers needing a wider fit shoe.

Van Dal were established in 1936 and are proud to continue to produce their shoes in the UK. Moreover, with their successful and loyal customer base, they have been given the opportunity to further expand across both online and in catalogue sales.


Van Dal emphasise that the customer journey is at the heart of what they do. Van Dal wanted to evaluate their current despatch and returns model for any positive adjustments that could be made.

Van Dal previously generated an invoice onto a blank integrated label with the order information assigned from their order management system. Van Dal felt the current process had a number of opportunities to be improved upon. The challenges for Van Dal were:

    • Invoices lacked branding and identity
    • Software restrictions not allowing them to include a prepaid Royal Mail returns labels.
    • Opportunity to drive further efficiency in the despatch and returns process.


Forms Plus worked closely with Van Dal to deliver a clearly branded and professional despatch note that has a pre-printed Royal Mail returns label. The software integration challenges were overcome by Forms Plus obtaining a number range from the Royal Mail. This meant that all labels were pre-printed. The project delivered:

  • Cleaner professional branding
  • Pre-printed returns labels
  • Slicker despatch process with fewer mistakes.


The new despatch notes look great and now clearly help define the Van Dal brand to their customers. The pre-printed labels completely side stepped the complex technical integrations that dogged the project in the beginning. The return on investment was almost instant as the cost of upgrading software and involvement of developers was likely to be a huge capital outlay to the business. The despatch notes are designed around the system and clearly laid out so that the customer can understand the order and returns process without the need to contact customer services.