I Love Fancy Dress


I Love Fancy Dress are an online store who offer a range of fancy dress outfits to customers in the UK. They are
a forward thinking and innovative ecommerce business who continue to grow at a fantastic rate.

The business continually looks at opportunities to drive efficiency, sales and customer service. As with many
businesses their despatch process has evolved as more orders have been received.

Forms Plus has worked closely with I Love Fancy Dress to deliver a despatch note that will achieve these objectives.


I Love Fancy Dress were previously using an order management system that would generate an invoice onto plain
A4 paper. They would then use thermal labels provided by the courier for a separate despatch label. The challenges were:

  • Time spent matching labels to invoices
  • Mismatched labels to invoices
  • Poorly branded invoices with no opportunity to sell more.


Forms Plus worked closely with I Love Fancy Dress to deliver a despatch note that will help improve sales, efficiency and
their customer experience. The despatch notes now use an integrated label so that they can combine the delivery note
with a despatch label. The benefits I Love Fancy Dress now enjoy are:

  • Cleaner professional branding
  • Promotions to drive more orders
  • Slicker despatch process with fewer mistakes.


The new despatch notes for I Love Fancy Dress have been a fantastic success. The return has far outweighed the nominal
investment and allowed them to go from despatching 400 orders to 800 orders per day. The promotions have delivered
additional sales and there are fewer mistakes being made with mismatched paperwork.

“ We can now send 800 orders instead of 400 orders per day”