What is double-side thermal printing?

Why might I want to use Duo Therm Labels?

At Forms Plus, all the products we sell are designed to increase efficiency, reduce waste and drive down costs. All of our Integrated Labels will help you achieve this but in addition to our single-sided thermal labels we now offer Duo Therm Labels and Printers, which print on both sides of the material, bringing efficiencies to your business to another level.

Print on both sides, with no toner required

Duo Therm printers use two thermal print heads to put your information onto your label and the reverse liner. The ability to print on both side of a thermal label brings great improvements to the traditional practices used by many businesses. You will see and enjoy tangible improvements, these include:

  • Less waste – Utilising the liner of the label means no more nasty glycine backing all over the warehouse.
  • Reduce mistakes. Duo Therm produces the delivery or picking note combined with the label, which means, no more mismatched paperwork.
  • Processing is faster, both sides of information print at the same time
  • You save valuable space – the printers have a small footprint, so take up less space in your despatch area. You also do not need so much space for label storage, or for waste as you will not be throwing away backing paper.

Less Waste – Less Mistakes – Faster Printing – More Space

Forms Plus supply an end-to-end solution, making the transition easy for your business.

We provide the 2-sided thermal printers, a range of labels and the associated support contracts to meet the service level agreements your business requires. 

This innovative printing solution is designed to be “plug and play”, user friendly and compact so they fit easily into your packing stations. Once unboxed and positioned, all you should need to do is install the printer driver and you’ll be ready to go. 

See the video below if you want to see what Duo Therm brings to your business.



Our printers come at a competitive price and with a full-service agreement. The Toshiba DB-EA4D is robust, rugged and designed for high usage whilst also being compact and user-friendly.

Duo Therm

Compact and rugged, the Toshiba DB-EA4D

Forms Plus deliver everything you need to get started in printing on both sides of the label. If you are thinking of switching to dual-sided, thermal printing and think Duo Therm might suit your business, then do get in touch for a discussion and a quote. 

Contact us today for an obligation free quote or visit our Duo Therm page to learn more about the products.