Questions to address when thinking about your product’s label

If you’re looking at designing a new label for your product, there are several questions to consider, in order to get the best out of your marketing and accentuate your reputation.



Does my business’s label reflect my brand?

When considering a labels design for your business, a keen eye for detail is essential. This is where Forms Plus come in. We can help bring your vision to life by helping you to make a good first impression to consumers, by having an effective and eye-catching label that also serves its informational purpose.


Does my label answer my customers’ questions?

Your label is your surrogate sales pitch – it’s your chance to communicate with the consumer without being present! With this in mind, it has to be visually attractive and enticing, it has to answer the questions your consumer is likely to ask and it has to ultimately, sell your product. We can help address these elements to ensure your label is representing your product and business when you’re not around. Are the main benefits and features acknowledged? Is the price of the product reflected by the label? These are additional questions that should shape your label’s design.


Are my labels making life simple for my customers?

Tasks such as returns forms can make life difficult for the customer, especially when the layout is poor. This process should be made as simple as possible in order to encourage customers to re-order, which can be achieved by using integrated labels – read our blog about integrated labels


Is your label eye-catching?

Going back to point number 2, your label’s design must sell your product when you’re not there to sell it. Therefore, the layout and design must be clear and effective. Forms Plus can help you find the best way to display the information you need to, as well as fulfil the aesthetic side of things.


Have you brought your labels into the digital age?

Place social media icons on your labelling – it’s important to get this on as much of your marketing collateral as you can! Our forward- thinking can help your labels thrive across digital platforms as well as across printed materials.


Forms Plus Bespoke Service-  Our bespoke service covers boarding cards, tickets, shelf edge labels, integrated label forms, barcoded forms and more. As well as create labels for your product, we can offer a clear strategy on how to design your labels for the future.