Are your product labels a reflection of your brand?

Are you seeing gaps in your branding and having trouble creating a versatile yet relevant consistent logo and brand identity for your business?  Product labelling is a huge industry that contributes to your brand’s success and how it is perceived by your consumers.



Successful labels can/should:

  • Attract the consumer’s attention and make a direct and sudden impact.
  • Contain the right typography, layout and wording in order to persuade your potential consumer to buy your product.
  • Develop their design with the evolution of their product (for example, KitKat bring out many variations of their chocolate bar, yet each flavour has a difference in branding and label presentation).
  • Accentuate the main features and goals the product aims to project. An example of this is Ronseal, whose tagline is ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’. By including this on their label, they have made a conscious effort to attract consumers to the hassle-free promise the product aims to fulfill.


Online purchases work in a very different way to off the shelf purchases. Your consumer cannot touch the product which makes a significant psychological difference in their decision. Your product must stand out amongst your other competitors on the shelf, so market research is also a big must.

Don’t forget that your label is essentially the sales pitch for your product, the first insight into your business and a tangible expression and opportunity for your consumers to experience. On a shelf, your label speaks for you and therefore must answer questions that your consumer may have.

Questions your label should address include:

  • Are your consumers left with potential questions that could be make or break? If so, make sure they are addressed on your label!
  • Is your label eye-catching and true to your brand?
  • Does the label reflect the price of your product?
  • Is your labelling targeting the correct demographic?


Here at FormsPlus we can help you achieve this by delivering quality printed materials for your business. As well as this, we can offer advice on how to bring your labelling into the digital age and how to apply the answers to the questions above to your label.