Why do packaging and labels matter?

It’s easy to forget the importance of tangible packaging in the digital age. However, in the absence of an individual there to sell you product, your label and packaging must speak for you, so it’s important to get it right. You must make sure that all the necessary information is displayed on your product before you consider design factors – the creative aspect of design means nothing if your product cannot offer the consumer the facts and market itself.

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You may be selling one particular product but have several strands or different models. For example, Dairy Milk chocolate maintain one logo and colour scheme, though when they release a new flavour, each wrapper is amended and customised for this. Their simple style of packaging allows for this versatility.

What should I consider when I’m thinking about my product’s packaging?

Consider the obvious elements such as colour, scheme, pattern, layout, functionality but put them into context when thinking about your product and how each affects the message you are trying to convey.

Don’t forget about functionality

A study conducted by Adage concluded that one of the most desired attributes in the eyes of the consumer, is the functionality of the product’s packaging. If the label is obscuring something or if it is difficult to peel off, your customers may be unlikely to purchase your product again as competition is fierce.

If your product is small, think about how big or small your label’s text is going to be – this can be a challenge as your product needs to be eye-catching all-round.

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