Letterbox Packaging – How to Make Sure Your Delivery Fits

As we find ourselves making our way to recycling centres, with boot loads of cardboard from our Christmas Deliveries, you may well be wondering how to cut down the sheer volume of packaging that your organisation is shipping.  Could your packaging be reduced to something that fits through a letterbox? And why would you consider going for the more compact option? There are plenty of good reasons to do so, as we shall now explore. 

Letterbox Packaging is More Sustainable

From an environmental point of view, the marked increase in online shopping since the pandemic, brings with it concern both about the amount of material used to ship products, and the carbon involved in driving so many, sometimes almost empty, boxes around. To add to the reduction in packaging volume, being able to slip the package through the letterbox, means that if the customer is not home, the courier does not need to make more than one attempt to deliver, reducing carbon emissions even further. Letterbox deliveries can make for a far more sustainable delivery option.   

Letterbox Packaging is More Convenient

As more people have gone back to work in offices, it has also become harder to make sure deliveries are left safely. Whilst it might be OK for packages to pile up in a porch in a remote, rural environment, these deliveries may be at risk in a busier street with people walking past.  With letterbox packaging, customers do not need to be at home to receive the delivery, the parcel can safely be pushed through your door. Given that most consumers say that convenience is the main reason they shop online, avoiding any delivery issues by making sure your package fits easily through their door, is a powerful reason to opt for letterbox packaging if you can.

Global Data’s ‘Foresights: Letterbox Packaging’ report, reveals that the sustainability and convenience of packaging is more important to consumers than appearance. Over three quarters of consumers want their packaging to be easy to recycle, 74% want it to avoid wastage and 73% want it to be easy to use.

Global Data’s ‘Foresights: Letterbox Packaging

What Kind of Products Can Fit Through a Letterbox?

Realising the benefits of compact packaging, many companies have already made the switch, including some with products you really would be surprised to discover can fit!  Letterbox Flowers are now available from many florists, including Bloom and Wild.  Laundry detergent can arrive through your letterbox as capsules from SMOL or eco sheets from Earth Breeze as a subscription item, so you never need to carry heavy bottles home from the supermarket again. Treatbox offer a selection of gifts in a letterbox friendly package, guaranteed to cheer anyone up. Perhaps more surprisingly, even bottles of wine are now being delivered through letterboxes!

Postal Boxes 2

Which Packaging from Forms Plus is Letterbox Friendly?

In the UK, the standard size of a letterbox is usually around 254mm x 38mm, so your box must be smaller than these dimensions.  At Forms Plus, we stock a range of Postal Boxes that will fit through easily.  These include our Postal Boxes – Small, Postal Boxes – C6, Postal Boxes – DL, Postal Boxes – C5 and Postal Boxes – Mini. Alternatively, you could go for a Padded Envelope within those size limits, or a Kraft Mailing Bag.

If you would like to discuss the best packaging option to choose, to help you make your deliveries letterbox friendly, do get in touch and our experienced team will be happy to help.