The importance of a good returns policy and process

A recent poll conducted by Harris Poll found that 91% of people believed that a good returns system and policy was significant in their purchasing decisions.

With the majority of purchases now being made online, this has never been more important and delivering a poor service in this area on a mere single occasion can drive your customer away in the future – it only takes one trip up.

  • Your online policy should be easy for the consumer to understand – they may check it before purchasing and if it is full of bulky language it could put them off buying altogether. Note that your consumer could be not quite 100% on buying and then visit your returns page – this could be the deciding element influencing their desire to purchase, so treat it almost as if it were another selling point to the product itself.
  • Don’t make returning products difficult, make it easy. Many people believe that ‘if it is difficult for a customer to return a product, they may be put off returning it all together’, a strategy used by many businesses, but not a worthwhile one. This will do more damage than good in the long term, as word will quickly spread that your return process is a nightmare. Invest in your future by making returns seamless and this will work as an additional word-of-mouth marketing avenue for you.
  • If returns are free with your business, make some noise about it – there are still many companies who charge for returns – so if you aren’t one of them, tell the world! It is a great incentive that sets you apart from competitors who don’t.

Integrated labels amalgamate several labels and forms into one, saving you resources and time. This type of form also reduces the potential for mix ups at the despatching and packaging stations, as the customer’s order details are centralised.

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