How important is brand essence? Forms Plus launch new logo!

Your business’s label and logo matters more than ever in 2017. It is the first link with potential customers and can make or break you.


What are the elements that accentuate brand essence?

  • Colour – Your forms need to include a colour structure that makes sense to your brand. Forms Plus will work with you on this, helping you create presentable and professional looking documents with a relevant colour scheme. This will more than likely include your brand and logo’s colour scheme, but you may wish to disperse these colours in a fresh way that compliments the information on the forms, which is where we can offer our expertise.
  • Design & layout – Stand out from your competition by offering your customers well-structured documents, labels and even business stationary. Consider where any relevant copy might go or how it will fit around a logo or a table/graph.
  • The psychology of colour and layout in branding and design – A study on the Impact of Colour in Marketing concluded that 90% of snap judgements made about products are based on colour and perceived appropriateness of the colour being used for the brand in question. With this in mind, your colours must fit in with the product description and the tone of the copy.

Here at Forms Plus we have recently revisited our own brand essence and created a new logo as shown below:

We wanted to make our high level of service stand out and emphasise that we have extensive combined experience, with quality being the common denominator across all of our services.

Forms Plus have helped small businesses and multi-national organisations alike, offering single boxes of stock forms right through to a comprehensive print management service. We have a keen eye for detail and design, implementing our 35 years of knowledge into offering design ideas for labels that incorporate businesses brand essence and message. We take time to understand your brand and target market so that we can create the best possible document for your business. Our proofing service is of a very high standard and we aim to work closely with you through to the delivery of the finished goods.

We can personalise labels and forms that are designed to increase brand awareness and loyalty with your customers; this is achieved by including your brand’s colours and logo and considering the style and culture at the heart of your brand essence.

If you would like to speak to us about your printing needs, please get in touch. You can visit our  online shop here.