How can single integrated labels help my business?

What are integrated labels?

Integrated labels combine several forms and labels into one which reduces the need for unnecessary papers, printers and time. These labels also help to avoid confusion that can occur at despatch and packing stations, as all of the forms related to the order in question, become centralised. Custom designs and design elements such as colour and font can be considered for your labels.

What can integrated labels be used for?

  • Bar code labels for tracking purposes.
  • Parcel ‘license plates’ for order fulfilment tracking.
  • Customised shipping labels with logo.
  • Online sellers / ecommerce.
  • If you are trying to save on shipping costs and supplies.
  • Option to preprint Terms and Conditions and supply return labels.

Integrated labels can be effective for your business

As the integrated label combines several labels into one, this reduces the need for unnecessary printers and paper, saving time and resources. Including a returns label as part of your integrated label will make it very simple for your customers to send their items back should they need to. If it is a complicated process to return a product, there is a good chance that the customer may not order from you again.


Having professionally designed despatch notes, returns forms and invoices is paramount in projecting a professional and reliable service. Easy-to-read and use forms will give your customers an incentive to use your service again.

Customer service

Your customer, the modern online buyer, will be motivated around finding a service offering simplicity. You should offer an easy way to review the purchase at the end, so that your business can resolve any complications that your customer had along the way. This gives you the opportunity to continuously develop your service.

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