Healthy Workplace: Featured Case Study for Forms Plus!

Although Forms Plus is quite a young and physically able team musculoskeletal health was identified as a key theme due to the amount of desk and PC work processing orders and proofing artwork for errors. The current premises are quite compact and there are restricted options for movement during work. A few team members had existing musculoskeletal issues and there was general interest in preventing future problems related to office work. Feedback from staff when completing our standard workstation self-assessment forms also indicated they didn’t feel confident assessing their desk set up correctly.

The company decided to arrange a one to one site assessment through a local physiotherapy practice. Our loose brief was:

  • Get an outsider view on our workstation set up and how we use them
  • Expert input on importance of good posture
  • Advice on adjustments/changing habits to avoid MSK issues, pain, tense muscles,headaches, stress etc.
  • Suggestions for preventative exercises for desk work

The team completed a bespoke questionnaire beforehand then sessions were run over two days around work. Everyone attended a talk by the lead Physio about the importance of incorporating activity, movement and stretching into our daily routine and then one on one time with the Consultant. The consultant observed the team at their desk, talked through their role, any health issues and took some measurements of the desk/chair etc. and gave recommendations.

Staff were encouraged to make their own notes and learning points in order to make best use of the opportunity provided by the company and take ownership of their health in this respect.

The recommended equipment is now in place including monitor risers, foot stands, wrist rests and a saddle chair and adjustable height desk for one team member. As a legacy of this workshop the team are more aware of the measurements and angles recommended for desk work and any recommendations made specifically for them.The team now does mid afternoon stretches each day at 3pm to move and reenergise and the company is looking into the possibility of introducing more standing desks in future.

Team feedback from the workshop:

“Workstation assessment and Musculoskeletal talk – what a revelation! My computer screen was miles away from me, quite obvious thinking about it now, that a few tweaks to my chair and bringing my screen forward has encouraged me to sit up straight with my feet flat on the floor. So much better for my posture”.

“I feel we benefited a lot from the Physio visit, it made me think about posture, and the lady that looked at our workstation was informative. I also enjoyed our afternoon stretches it gives us a boost”.