Workplace Health Bronze award for Forms Plus

Since signing up to the Workplace Health Scheme, we’ve made some valuable changes surrounding our health and welfare at work. Read on to find out more. 

Workplace Health: Bronze Award

Workplace Health Scheme and more….

In 2016, Forms Plus signed up to the Healthy Workplace Scheme in conjunction with Cornwall County Council which initially involved offering members of our team health checks such as weight, BMI, blood pressure and lung function tests. This has made an impact on motivation to becoming healthier at work and cutting out habits that can impact performance such as smoking, lack of exercise or poor diet.

Forms Plus are keen to play a key role in the community, taking time out to volunteer for the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. We also spent a morning scything on a local farm to help an elderly farmer. The whole team found it very rewarding giving something back to the community and we are looking to do more of this during the year.

We also took part in a team building exercise called a Belbin workshop with the support of Oxford Innovation. The philosophy of Belbin is to encourage teams and individuals to work with their key strengths and become more engaged as a unit. Our whole team found this very productive and contributed with 100% enthusiasm. Forms Plus has even created 2 additional roles in the past 18 months and we believe Belbin, in addition to our efforts to be healthier at work, have helped cultivated this.

We decided to purchase a picnic table and sun cream for outdoor lunches, encouraging our team to come together and take time over eating and pausing for lunch together. We also now have a supply of fresh fruit to encourage and motivate our team to swap unhealthier snacks for something nutritious. Our ‘Stand up Catch Up’ meetings have also proved to be very productive and are exactly what they say on the tin: walking meetings outdoors and catch ups. Sunshine is said to boost serotonin levels after all!

Our chosen charity is Cornwall Air Ambulance who carry out more than 700 lifesaving missions per year. As the trust do not receive any government funding, we thought that they were a very deserving charity who could benefit from our help.

We’ve found that taking such steps has made us a happier and healthier team.

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