Featured Product – Packing Tape

Occasionally we use our blog to feature products from our ranges and highlight information to help you make the best selection to meet your packaging and label needs. This month we are focussing on packing tape. 

We sell a range of packing tape, all suitable for use with cardboard, plastic or paper packaging and guaranteed to provide a secure seal, whether for storage or despatch.  Other than paper, our tapes are the standard 48mm (2”) width and work well when used with a tape dispenser. 

Our range of tapes include:

Standard 3M Packing Tape– Available in Clear or Buff, our Standard 3M Packing tape is made from polypropylene and comes in 66m length rolls.   This works well with most types of packaging, for sealing up light boxes and parcels. 

Brown 3M Packing Tape with Dispenser

Eco Packing Tape – Also in Clear or Buff at 48mm wide, our Eco Packing Tape is 100% recycled, robust, incredibly strong and UV resistant. 

Fragile Tape with Dispenser

Fragile Packing Tape – For packages that need really careful handling, you might choose to use this white packing tape with Fragile in bold, red lettering. This high quality, polypropylene tape is ideal for shipping goods that need to be handled with care. 

Paper Packing Tape – To be fully environmentally friendly, choose our 50mm x 50m Paper Packing Tape.  This tape is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly as it can be recycled with the packaging it is attached to (as long as that too is recyclable). It is tear resistant once applied but easy to tear by hand before it is stuck down.  Great for uneven surfaces and easy to use. 

Do have a look at our range of packing tape and get in touch if you have any questions.  

5 Facts about Packing Tape

Shipping experts recommend the H method of using Packing Tape

When sealing a box, start with a long piece of tape across the long flaps on the bottom. Once your box is full, tape the long seam on the top and then add tape to the two sides. Your tape should end up looking like a capital H. This will make the box more tamper proof than just taping the long flaps.

Why Is Packing Tape Noisy?

Many of our customers choose our low noise packing tape, but why does packing tape make so much noise anyway?   It is all down to physics.  As you peel tape away from the roll, the adhesive stretches, then the tape breaks, then relaxes.  These movements create an audible tone, the frequency of which will depend on how fast you pull the tape off the roll. Read more in this article about the Complex Dynamics in the Peeling of an Adhesive Tape.  Low noise tapes use a different adhesive mixture and are coated with a slight film to cut down the noise created.

Some Cats Love Licking Packing Tape

If you have a cat and leave a roll of adhesive tape around, you may well find your cat loves to lick it! Cat forums have lots of stories of cats chewing on sticky tape, even undoing packages just to get at it.  This is likely due to a condition called “pica” which causes cats to eat inedible objects, or boredom where chewing on an unusual item is a source of stimulation – but the adhesive is not good for them so do keep them away from it.

The Origins of the Name 3M May Surprise You

One of the most popular tapes we sell is called “3M” tape.  The origin of the name may surprise you.  It was invented in 1925 by a college dropout called Richard Drew who worked for a small sandpaper company called 3M Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, originally as a kind of masking tape for car sprayers. Read more about the how Scotch tape was invented here.

World’s Largest Tape Ball

The Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Tape Ball was set in Louisville, Kentucky USA on 6 May 2011.  The giant ball made up of duct tape, electrical tape, masking tape, gaffer tape and packing tape weighed in at 907 kg and had a circumference of 3.89m.