Email Marketing Best Practice for Online Sellers

5 Ideas for an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

With slimmed down email lists following GDPR, and less crowded inboxes, there could not be a better time to check your email marketing strategy is effective. We have investigated how e commerce companies engage with their audiences via email, examined best practice and come up with our own top tips for 5 ways to start making the most of your email marketing.

1. Onboarding Emails

What happens when someone joins your mailing list? Do they wait to hear from you until your next newsletter, or have you set up welcome emails? Whether you just send one message inviting new customers to visit your website or a series of automated mails highlighting your product range, onboarding emails are a powerful tool to get new subscribers shopping. Consider including a “New Subscribers” discount, free shipping or special offer. If your product is complicated, use onboarding emails to explain it, as many tech companies do. Whatever you choose, make sure every email has a call to action.

Online retailer  Divesangha told us:

“Welcome emails are a nice way to make potential customers feel our brand cares about customer service… We added a discount code that had no expiry date and that ended up being our most used discount code.”

2. Sales and Special Offers

Since GDPR, customers are much more aware of the value of their contact data. Retailers need to reward those who give permission for email marketing. One easy way to do that is to offer exclusive discounts to loyal subscribers. Whether you choose to target your whole list, regular customers or even lapsed customers, a quick email with a discount code can help launch or finish off a sale campaign, perhaps outside of the time the sale is open to the public.

Forms Plus’ client Joules use emails to offer short term discount codes at the end of sales, that help clear stock. For customers who prefer to shop in store, the same email reminds the customer of their nearest bricks and mortar location, together with opening hours.

3. Abandoned Cart Emails

Most online shopping platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce now include tools to send out automatic emails to customers don’t complete the payment process. Around 70% of online shoppers abandon their cart, so recovering even a fraction of those purchases could make a real difference to your business. Yes, they may have just been fantasy shopping, but equally they might have got up to find their credit card and got distracted or had an issue with their computer.

Shopify estimate that nearly half of all abandoned cart emails are opened and over a third lead to purchases back on the site. Worth a try!

4. Reactive Emails

Hot weather, cold weather, a sudden trend or even a celebrity spotted with one of your products could all be good reasons to email your subscribers with an unplanned promotion or reminder. For example, Superdry have effectively used cold weather as a reason to send out a quick promo for their down jackets and woolly hats.

5. Follow Up and Review Requests

Five Stars mean sales, so gathering up-to-date reviews for your products is crucial for your brand. Setting up your system to email a customer once they have had time to get to know your product and requesting a review, can soon generate a steady stream of supportive and fresh content on your review pages. At the same time, why not invite the customer to like your Facebook page or follow you on Instagram and share photos of their new purchase?

Lifecycle Marketing

Put all these emails together, from first sign up to post purchase and you have “lifecycle marketing”. Recognised as an industry leader for email marketing, Forms Plus’ client Boden offers fine examples of how email should be composed at each stage of the journey. Take a look at this blog by Ometria to see some examples of  Boden’s Emails.

Where does despatch paperwork fit in?

First of all, we thought this information might be helpful, as so many of our clients are e commerce businesses. Of course, you might also want to make sure that you make the most of each touchpoint by ensuring your shipping forms and labels include an invitation to your email list.

If you would like some help with branded bespoke labels and forms, do get in touch.