E-Commerce Trends for 2022

At the start of the New Year, we look ahead to see what experts are predicting will change for E-Commerce in 2022 and which trends are here to stay.

Social Commerce

Are you using Facebook and Instagram shopping as a sales channel? Adding Shops to your Social Media channels provides a seamless buying journey for your followers. With Social Commerce sales predicted to triple by 2025 , it only makes sense to allow fans to buy directly from your Social profile rather than having to make the jump to your website.


Whether for life’s essentials such as meal boxes, toilet paper and deodorant, treats such as beauty products and wine, or even a monthly gift box for your pet – subscriptions are here to stay and growing fast. A Royal Mail  report estimates that the subscription box market in the UK will be worth £1.8bn by 2025.

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Focus on Sustainable Products and Packaging

Shopify’s recent Future of Commerce  report tells us that a huge 77% of customers are now concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy. Customers are looking for less plastic in packaging, lower carbon emissions from deliveries and of course, sustainably developed products.

At Forms Plus, we are working hard to develop our Eco-Friendly Packaging Range  which now includes plastic-free, compostable protective packaging from Flexi-Hex and Enviro Flute padded envelopes, alongside our existing range of recycled, recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Flexi-Hex Plastic Free Bottle Packaging


The drive for sustainability has also led to many new ways to sell second-hand goods, particularly clothing, online. Marketplaces such as Vinted provide a route for anyone to sell clothes they don’t wear. Some retailers, such as Cucumber Clothing  are adding pre-owned collections to their online stores. Thrift+ works with brands including FatFace, Zara and Monsoon to encourage their customers to re-sell their clothes for charity rather than adding them to landfill.


Many brands are introducing online games and challenges to motivate consumers to interact and shop more. Molton Brown used festive online games with real prizes to gather email addresses, showcase its Christmas range and boost traffic online and in-store. How could you use games to encourage customers to visit your site more and spend longer browsing?

Charity Partnerships

Whilst schemes such as 1% for the Planet  have been around a while, many brands now build in ways for customers to donate to a charity of their choice through their purchases. Pets at Home customers can select a local animal charity to benefit every time you use your loyalty card. Many retailers, including Accessorise and Hush chose to give a charitable donation rather than a discount during Black Friday 2021.

2022 Trends for E Commerce

Payment Methods

After contact-less sales exploded in-store through the COVID-pandemic, customers are now looking for more flexible ways to pay online. According to research from Mastercard, 93% of consumers are now considering new payment methods such as biometrics, cryptocurrencies and QR Codes. Should you find out more about these options?

Supporting Local

With big changes on the High Street due to COVID, customers are looking for ways to buy from local companies online. According to Shopify, 47% of consumers said that having a local presence was a significant factor for which brands they choose to buy from. With simple ways to set up e-commerce stores, from Instagram Shops and Etsy seller accounts, to simple Shopify stores, everyone has a chance to sell online, and people want to buy from you! Local-specific marketplaces such as Bookshop.org are making this even easier.

Some of these changes have been driven by the COVID outbreak, others by technological developments and many by the huge growth in concern for the environment amongst consumers. Whatever the spark, all these trends seem set to grow.

Do share your own experiences of these new ways of selling on our Social Media channels and get in touch if you need any help moving to eco-friendly packaging.