Stand Out From The Crowd with Customised Packaging

At Forms Plus we now offer a wide range of packaging options, from standard envelopes and mailing bags, to specialist eco-friendly protective packaging from Flexi-Hex®. Many of these items can now be customised, by adding your logo, branding and messaging. Branding your packaging is far more than just an aesthetic choice. Not only does it look good, it positions your product as high-quality and ensures your customers remember you. Of course, there is an additional cost attached to adding bespoke print, so we thought we’d look at the benefits. Here are just a few good reasons to personalise your packaging…

Seedlip Triple Pinch
Customised Flexi-Hex® Triple Pinch Top Box


With so many places to order from online, it is vital to make sure your brand is recognised and remembered. One downside from trading on marketplaces such as Amazon, or Etsy, or even just from a Google search where customers have a wide range of suppliers to choose between, is that the customer quickly forgets who they have ordered from.  They may even just remember the marketplace name and not even notice your brand. If your item arrives in packaging displaying your logo and company details, they are far more likely to remember you and come to you directly next time.

Stand Out From Competitors

Any of the packaging options Forms Plus supply will make sure your product arrives well protected and looking smart.  Adding your branding to your mailing bag, envelope, protective sleeve or box makes an even stronger impression. As the recipient opens their package, they will be reassured that they have ordered from a high-quality supplier who cares about the product, the customer and the environment.

Customised Padded Envelopes

Marketing and Promotional Opportunities

You could keep your branding simple, and just add your company logo and contact details, or you could update your print each time you order, perhaps to include different promotional messages at different times of year.  Alongside the basic branding you’d expect, you could include QR codes for re-ordering, Social Media links or even special offer codes to enhance brand loyalty, and encourage customers to come back to you.   

Customised Mailing Bags

Good-Looking Gifts

We understand that many of our clients send out products that are sold as gifts, whether a bottle of gin, cosmetics, artwork, ceramics or another fragile present. With branded packaging as smart as this, the item could easily be sent direct without any need for gift wrapping and still give that feeling of excitement on unboxing.

Customised Flexi-Hex® Packaging

Protect Your Products – For Life Not Just For Posting

Whilst most of our packaging options are biodegradable and fully recyclable, badging up your boxes with your logo, will make customers far less likely to just throw it away.  Branded packaging is far more likely to be kept, at least for the life of the product, which obviously extends the time that your brand is front-of-mind, and the likelihood of the recipient ordering from your again.

Botivo boxes
Customised Boxes and Bottle Sleeves

How To Order Customised Packaging

To order Flexi-Hex® branded packaging quickly on our website, visit our Customised Packaging page where you can choose which items you need, upload your images or artwork and let us know where you’d like them to appear. Customisation is now available on Flexi-Hex® Bottle Sleeves, Single, Double and Triple Pinch Top Boxes, and on packing tape.

To customise other items, such as mailing bags, board-backed envelopes, cardboard boxes or other packaging options, or for a quote for larger orders, just give us a call on 01326 564331 and we’ll be very happy to help.