Custom labels – things to consider when you approach your printer…

Custom labels: the possibilities are endless…

Bespoke product labels allow you to have pretty much any design tropes you like, across categories such as colour to shape, adhesives and coatings as well as size and material. Different label types vary In cost, so you’ll want to pitch your provisional idea as accurately as possible to get an accurate cost estimate from us here at Forms Plus.


Purpose of your labels

What is it you need your labels to do? You will need your printer to know the basic category of the types of labels that you need. For example, if you need a set of security labels, you might need something other than paper labels. Do you need your labels to be permanently stuck on the product or do you need them to be removable? You’l also need to think about the environment in which your labels will be – do they need UV coating to protect them from fading in the sunlight? Or do they need laminating to protect them from any moisture?

Printing at high speed on offset machine. Label Rolled Up Printing Out Group of Objects Merchandise

Label aesthetics

Here are Forms Plus we have a keen eye for presentation and layout, offering branding and design services as well as printing services. You can come to us with the motivation for your product and what you’d like the layout to achieve and we can work with your ideas to execute this.


Shape and size

You may want you labels to be a set size that we already stock. However, if you need your labels to be specifically cut, this may add to the cost of the project. You will also need to think about what kind of corners you would like for your labels i.e square, rounded or sharp edged.


Other features

Features such as shading and colour also ned to be thought out beforehand. If you would like your labels to have features such as foil, glossy finish or numbering, you’ll need to let the printer know.



Make a note of your paper and colour requirements. We will be on hand throughout the process should you need to inform us of any additional needs or ideas.


If you would like a quote for any type of product labels, please do not hesitate to contact us.