Bring your labels into the 21st century

With more competition than ever, it is paramount to make your labels stand out from the crowd. Having an understanding of digital platforms and opportunities is essential, as you’ll find more and more of your potential consumers can be found here. Here are a few ways to bring your labels into the 21st century….

Use social media platforms

Social media platforms have brought huge benefits for B2C businesses, standing as a channel for sales. If used effectively, social media platforms will serve as a great opportunity for your users to engage with your news and offers. Increase your brand awareness by including images.

Let users know how they can contact you

Encourage feedback from your customers and users. Ensure that you are on the channels that your potential users have been researching their purchase decisions on.

You can increase your sales by making noise across a variety of platforms – mix and match these – use them all. Include icons to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – even Google +! Start a revolution!

QR Codes

What are these when they’re at home? QR stands for ‘Quick Response’ and describes the black and white squares that house some information linking to a URL for a site.

An increasing amount of people are downloading QR scanners onto their smartphones in order to read them – here are a couple of examples…



Bushinesses can place QR codes onto their labels – this can be a security label or promotional label amongst other kinds. These QR codes will direct consumers to your website. QR could also be used to direct consumers to help pages or any other page of your website. It’s also useful to copy the URL in your analytics platform in order to track the number of people who have been using it.


Personalised campaigns have proved a great success over the last couple of years. The ‘Share A Coke’ campaign run by Coke proved amazingly effective. Coke used the most popular names worldwide and branded these names on the classic coke label. The personal touch matters and the Coke campaign saw many people making gifts of the bespoke cans. This emotional relationship with the consumer can see a good product go a long way.

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