Branding and special offers on your despatch notes to increase sales

Promoting your business through the use of despatch notes – a use that can sometimes be overlooked. Do not underestimate the power of professionally designed despatch notes as well as returns forms and invoices.

These documents are the last leg on your customer’s shopping journey, arriving with every customer order and are an opportunity to make a strong lasting first impression – be sure to seize this as its a chance to sell your service. Don’t be afraid to be creative with your despatch forms, for example, you can use the underside to conduct a questionnaire or survey to gain feedback on your service.

The principal purpose of despatch and returns forms is to get an order from the distribution centre to the customer’s door but you can maximise their potential by including other elements such as your branding, social media details, promotions. It’s also a chance to draw attention to your returns policy which should be easy to follow, especially in today’s online shopping climate.  You can read our blog about ‘Free delivery –Do customers expect it?here.

Combining branding with customer ecommerce needs of today 

Brand loyalty has taken a hit with the rise of commerce and desire for quick and easy purchases, returns and delivery. It is likely that we will see companies incorporate the USP that is ‘quick and easy’ into their branding and it’s no wonder when 60% of consumers believe all online retailers should offer same-day delivery compared to last year’s figures when the average expected delivery time was 2.6 days.

The returns section has become a significant priority on despatch notes and retailers are becoming increasingly aware that making the returns process difficult will compromise the chance of future orders. If you are planning on using your despatch notes for promotional purposes you also need to make sure that your customer is presented with a simple, hassle-free returns process, otherwise the promotional function will be of no interest to them.

Retailers should be looking to improve the functionality of their documents for customers as this is a significant factor in the latter’s desire to make future purchases.

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