Benefits of Self Adhesive Labels

Stan Avery may not be a name many people have heard of, but his invention – self adhesive labels – changed the labels market significantly. He invented synthetic adhesives and a quick-release coating for label backing sheets which would make it easier to peel off individual labels. 

Self adhesives labels are made from a structure comprised of 3 layers which are: 

  • A release liner – the glassine or backing paper. 
  • An adhesive layer. 
  • The face material. 

Offering additional space – Self adhesive labels create additional space for graphics, copy, promotion and more, as they integrate multiple pages through the use of ‘peel and read’ solutions. 

Durability – Self-adhesive labels are particularly long-lasting and can withstand bumps and heat without tearing which makes them a great solution for a number of applications. 

Productivity – Your overall productivity will improve by using self adhesives as they are designed to speed things up for businesses. The introduction of laser printing to the market means that they can be printed faster, cheaper and with more clarity than ever before.

Time-saving – Self adhesives allow you to peel the label away from the backing and stick it down immediately, saving time and effort.

Versatility – Self adhesives can be used for a number of applications and accommodate the most advanced barcode technology including that which corresponds with the product authentication technology of today. 

Physical versatility – A label’s printable surface needs to be able to adapt to the surface to which it is applied and whilst flat surfaces do not pose much of a problem, curved packaging and other non-flat surfaces make this tricky. Self adhesives allow you to select a special-purpose face stock and combine this with a preferred adhesive and release liner suited to the label application method – a useful benefit.

Moving with the times – Self adhesive labels can also perform a major function in product authentication and tamper-evidence, often at the leading edge of today’s security labelling technology. Using a self-adhesive label as a carrier of security solutions can be a cost-effective solution for brand owners, and converters active in the self-adhesive label production market are contributing extensively in this market. 

Forms Plus can supply bespoke self adhesives in an extensive variety of formats, materials and combinations for a range of applications. Whether you’re after permanent, removable, freezer or chill adhesives, we can help. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information about how self adhesives can benefit your business.