Benefits of integrated labels

If you are a business-owner, you’ll know all about time-saving. One way to achieve this is by incorporating integrated labels into your business’s mail system.

What exactly is an integrated label?

Integrated labels can be used in a variety of formats, a couple of the most common being despatch or returns. Integrated labels are self-adhesive and included within an A4 paper sheet. They are generally used to print packing lists or invoices and feature a shipping label on the same sheet. Cost-effective and multi-purpose, integrated labels are an effective way of sharing information with your clients and labelling products.


Customer ease

Your customers’ mind-set towards a repeat purchase is centred around how easy it was the first time. If your despatch form makes this process a nightmare, their desire to order again is going to be affected. An integrated label makes this easy for your customers and is ultimately, an investment for your business.


The printing of the integrated labels is all carried out at once, saving money and time. If you’re a business owner and you need to process orders, the label can be peeled off directly from the invoice sheet. As everything is in one place, you can save yourself the need of having additional printers for each step as well as eliminate any miscommunications at the packing and despatch posts, as everything is centralised.

Label Quality is Important

If you’re going to choose to have integrated labels, it’s important not to cut corners on the way. The thickness of the label is a factor to be considered – thicker paper is more long-lasting and much more presentable than a flimsy thin paper label. Size is also a further aspect to bare in mind – you want your label to stand out and be legible from a decent distance. Forms Plus can offer you a cost-effective option without having to compromise on quality.

To summarise, the benefits of integrated labels include:

  • All your orders are in one centralised location, saving you hassle and eliminating any possible confusion.
  • Save time.
  • Grow your business as a result of using an integrated labels system – in saving time and money, you are open to addressing other ambitions.
  • Exposure – Don’t underestimate the usefulness of integrated labels, which can often be written off as dry paperwork. Invoices, dispatch notes and returns forms can be another excellent way to present your brand to consumers.

Here at Forms Plus, we take the time to listen to your goals and company ethic, in order to deliver a high quality service and facilitate your workflow. If you would like to know more about our integrated labels service, please do not hesitate to contact us.