Behind The Scenes at Flexi-Hex®

As you will know from previous blogs, newsletters and our website, Flexi-Hex® eco-friendly boxes and bottle sleeves are now amongst the top sellers in our environmentally friendly packaging range. What you may not have realised is that the Flexi-Hex® team are also based in Cornwall, in fact just a couple of miles away from Forms Plus, in Porthleven.  Their products are very much born out of our beautiful, shared location, close to the sea, surrounded by Cornwall’s natural beauty. We thought you might like to know a little bit more about Flexi-Hex®, so we asked them to tell us a bit more about themselves. As the responses show, they really are an impressive team!

Could you give us a short intro to Will and Sam Boex, the founders of Flexi-Hex®. What were they doing before and what are they working on now?

Will and Sam are mirror twins, meaning they are not only identical but have opposite features and skillsets. Sam is the creative brain and Will is more process-driven and operational. This combination creates a unique leadership team. Will and Sam are two of three boys who grew up enjoying the incredible Cornish landscape, both on and off the water. After a range of professional roles between them, Will and Sam set up “Boex”, a commercial interiors company which specialised in healthcare projects, including work for Addenbrookes and Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals. In 2018, they started Flexi-Hex® aiming to make a big impact on the packaging industry, protecting our planet and its resources for generations to come.

Flexi Hex Kings Award
Will and Sam Boex receiving their Kings Award

Who else is on the team at Flexi-Hex®?

Flexi-Hex®is made up of a small but passionate team; from Bella, our Brand & Strategy Director and adventurer (she’s rowed across two oceans and broken three world records) to Kyle who not only leads our finances but is also a skilled footballer, most recently playing for Mousehole AFC. In Sales, we have Amy, who brings incredible experience as a previous Buyer for high-street retail brands including River Island, and Tim, who is a volunteer for Crantock Surf Life Saving Club. He has heroically rescued two individuals from treacherous rip currents along the north coast in just the past year!

Flexi Hex Team
The Flexi-Hex® Team

Could you tell us a little about your production process? What are the key steps in actually making a Flexi-Hex® sleeve?

We manufacture with suppliers in both India and China who make our sleeves using FSC Certified, 100% recycled paper. The honeycomb is an incredibly strong structure, it’s commonly seen stretched inside doors for example. However, Flexi-Hex® approached the material differently by placing two layers of honeycomb between two card rails to create our patented sleeve.

Flexi-Hex® was originally designed to protect surfboards, now many of our customers use it to protect bottles. That’s quite a change. Are there any products Flexi-Hex® has been used to protect that have surprised you?

That’s the beauty of Flexi Hex®. Really any product can be placed inside the sleeve thanks to its flexibility. We have heard of lots of surprising uses, including ceramic lampshades, sunglasses and large bits of timber used for fireplaces. There are so many industries we could use our packaging in. It’s hard to keep the team focussed on tackling one industry at a time!

What has been the biggest challenge for you all in getting Flexi-Hex® to where it is today?

The packaging sector is a multi-billion-dollar market, requiring economies of scale for sustainable profitability. As we grow, striking the right balance in pricing proves challenging. We aim to remain competitive against plastic alternatives while ensuring our business turns a profit. Navigating this has been a learning journey.

What are the main selling points for Flexi-Hex® other than sustainability?

We love that question, as there are lots. For example, the strength of our sleeves has proven to reduce breakage rates in the drinks industry to less than 0.5%. Also, our sleeves are incredibly compact, with our Mini Sleeves being 4x more compact than moulded pulp and bubble wrap, saving costs in storage and shipping.

Flexi Hex Demo
Some of the Flexi-Hex® range in action

You are famed for being innovative – can you mention any ideas you are currently working on? Are there any other packaging problems you’d like to be able to solve?

You know when you receive a massive box with two or three items enclosed and lots of void fill? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? We are trying to design a simple and protective box solution, using Flexi-Hex® inside, that allows not only multiple SKUs but multiple variations of SKUs to be placed within and safely sent through the post/courier network. We hope to reveal our design soon!

Finally, Flexi-Hex® is replacing Bubble Wrap for many users. How would you suggest Flexi-Hex® users replace the stress relief benefit of popping Bubble Wrap?

Ha-ha! Well, we find that Flexi-Hex® is just as tactile and stress-relieving. A little like an accordion, you can’t help but open and close it and try to twist it. Try it for yourself! 

If you would like to know more about the Flexi-Hex® packaging we stock, take a look at the Eco Friendly Packaging pages on our website or get in touch. We’d be happy to help you understand the product better, and see how it might work for your needs.