A Few Of Our Favourite Things – Introducing the Forms Plus Team

As summer gets underway, we have a few new faces at Forms Plus and realise it has been a while since we shared any team news with you.  Our latest blog introduces the team, and gives you an idea of how they love to make the most of the good weather down here in Cornwall…

In alphabetical order…

Alison Hulley has been with Forms Plus for over 6 years. As our Sales Representative, you may well have spoken to Alison about your labels and packaging needs.

Outside of work, Alison’s summer consists of beaches, gigs and events. She loves the Let’s Rock Festival, time on the beach at Pedn Vounder and barbecues, especially if there is Belly Pork on the menu. 

Our Administrative Co-ordinator, who joined last autumn, Donna Wyeth helps across the whole business, supporting the team as we need her. 

Like many locals, Donna is a bit secretive about her favourite beach (and we don’t blame her!), but she loves walking along the coastal path and enjoying time with friends.  Her favourite summer event in Cornwall is the St Ives Food and Drink Festival where she’ll seek out the barbecued halloumi.

Ian Foster is the Warehouse Manager for Forms Plus. Ian has been with us for about 4 years and his job is to make sure the warehouse operations run smoothly. 

Ian’s summer hobbies include fishing, perhaps around Perranporth or St Agnes, or joining in the summer festivals, such as Mazey Day or Golowan in Penzance.  We think there may be a touch of the Pirate about him, as his Guilty Pleasure is a rum or two in the sun.

Jayne Wood is our Despatch Co-ordinator.  If you have ever called us, you have probably spoken to Jayne. She has been with Forms Plus for 6 years and her role includes processing orders, collecting payments, arranging couriers, answering the phone and helping with administration. If our alarm goes off, as Fire Marshall, Jayne dons the hi viz and makes sure we get out of the building safely. 

In the summertime, Jayne loves the colour of the sea in Cornwall.  On warmer days off, she’ll be found sitting on Praa Sands, where you could easily be somewhere tropical.  If it’s a bit cooler, she enjoys walking her dog Monty on the beach.  And if it’s raining, her Guilty Pleasure is watching Love Island. We wonder if that’s the island she’s thinking of when she is at Praa Sands? 

Jo Carter is our Finance Director. Jo keeps all our finances in order and has been with Forms Plus for an amazing 27 years.

Jo’s favourite beaches are the secluded ones you can only get to by boat. She loves nothing more than tripping around the coastline with her family.  In the evening, Jo loves teriyaki chicken skewers on the barbecue with a glass of red and perhaps some chocolate to follow. Perhaps the highlight of her summer though is dressing up for her favourite event, Falmouth’s famous Pink Wig Party, which raises funds for Breast Cancer Research every summer. 

Karen Melbourne joined Forms Plus this year as an Administrator, processing orders and supporting with other admin tasks. 

In the summertime, Karen loves the beautiful beaches here in Cornwall, especially at Hayle or anywhere with some live music.  She loves Porthleven Food Festival but isn’t fussy at a barbecue and recommends keeping it simple with burgers and hot dogs! 

Nicola Burgess is our Print Co-ordinator. She has been with us for almost 3 years and works on the bespoke printing side of the business, processing customer orders and helping on new projects with customers and manufacturers.

Nicola’s summer adventures include exploring the coves around Rinsey on her paddleboard or enjoying a few beers in the sunshine, perhaps at one of the Sundowner music events that have popped up around the coast. 

Rafe Webb joined Forms Plus earlier this year as a Customer Service Advisor. You may have spoken to him on the phone with your order. He also helps with data processing and can sometimes be found keeping on top of things in the warehouse.

Rafe’s summer passions seem to involve a lot of cheese. His favourite annual event is Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire, and his Guilty Pleasure is a baked Brie with bread to dip. Luckily, he also enjoys going for a run in the sun, mowing the lawn and working out!

Sharon Ramos is a Company Director and a woman of many talents, who has been with us for 8 years, having relocated for the North East.  She works on everything from IT support, to HR, Orders, Sales and is also a forklift driver. 

In the summer, Sharon loves an ice-cold Rattler (local cider) with friends on Porthcurno Beach or singing along at the Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival.  Sharon enjoys following Newcastle United football team and her Guilty Pleasure is watching ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’!

Sharon Worden, our Accounts Administrator has been with us for a few weeks now, with the important task of making sure everything runs to plan in the Accounts Department. 

This week, Sharon is excited about attending the Royal Cornwall Show.  For the rest of the summer, she loves coastal walks or runs, or spending time on the stunning beaches near us at Gunwalloe. In the evening, a gin and lemonade takes the pain of the numbers away.

Last, but not least, our MD, Victoria Andrews has been with Forms Plus for 33 years. A very hands-on leader, Victoria has a go at everything and anything the company needs.

When she does get some downtime, Victoria is a big fan of the stunning walk down to the crystal-clear water of Kynance Cove.  She enjoys long lunches in the sun, with friends and family, king prawns on the barbecue and a nice bottle of wine. Or, occasionally, a trip up to Hyde Park for Party in the Park.

Whatever you are up to this summer, we hope that business is going well, and you are getting plenty of time to relax too.  Now you have met us all a little, do get in touch if we can help with anything.