5 Reasons Why You Should Use Integrated Shipping Labels

At Forms Plus, integrated labels are our speciality. We have been providing despatch labels for e commerce businesses for over twenty years (and yes, some of us have been here all that time!), so it’s only natural that we assume they are a good thing for your business to have.  From time to time, it helps to drill down and question what the key benefits are, so this month we asked our Sales Team for some of the key reasons our clients choose to use integrated shipping labels. Here are their Top 5.



If you are currently juggling several pieces of paperwork in order to provide your customer with an invoice, a returns label and yourselves with a picking and packing slip and sticky despatch label, you will realise that you are working inefficiently.  Even if you have a well organised despatch area and these different pieces of paper are all lined up neatly next to each other, you are still spending time making sure that they all match up, and you have remembered to put them all in.  Integrating your despatch notes, shipping and returns information into one form can really help you work smarter, not harder.

2. Speed


Anyone working in ecommerce knows the pressure is on to deliver orders faster than ever.  Whether you are working on a next day delivery model, or even considering how you might manage same day delivery in some areas – an integrated form will really speed up your process.  Instead of waiting for 2 or more printers to print, an integrated label means you have all you need on one sheet.  What’s more, if you use our bespoke services, you can design that to be laid out exactly as you need.  This will speed up your processing time, saving you money and making it easier to meet your customers’ increasing demands for a quick turnaround.

Global packages delivery and parcels transportation concept stack of cardboard boxes isolated on white background

3. Branding


Your delivery note need not just be a functional piece of paper stating who has sent what and where to.  Unlike email or advertising, you know it is definitely going to arrive in front of your customer, so it can be another useful touchpoint in your marketing strategy.  A branded delivery note reinforces awareness of your brand, reminding the shopper exactly who they have purchased from. This is particularly important if you are selling through a platform like Amazon, Etsy or Ebay. Your delivery note can encourage them to come direct to your website next time. 

Your delivery note can also be a canvas on which to highlight special offers, invite an email sign up or repeat your brand promise.  You could even use it to highlight a short piece of company news, such as a new product you are launching.


Digital Online Marketing Brand Office Working Concept

4. Customer Services


Whilst your branded shipping label makes it clear to the customer who they ordered from and embeds your name so they might do so again, it also helps enhance your customer service.  Your delivery note can clearly document the returns process, include a peel off returns label and answer any frequently asked questions.  All of this will help relieve strain on your customer services team, and improve customer relations, making it more likely that the customer will shop with you again. 

Research from Bizrate Insights  shows that 72% of customers expect a refund to be credited within 5 days of sending back a returns item. Integrating returns information in your shipping label can make it much easier for you to turn that around in time.   

When you do get it right, you will build trust with customers and they are far more likely to shop with you again. Shopify research indicates that 72% of shoppers are willing to spend more and buy more frequently if the returns process is simple.  Could an integrated returns label make your returns process faster and easier for you to implement?

5. Packing Station Improvements


Is your packing area chaotic?  Is the noise of printers unbearable?  As well as all the obvious benefits to your clients, one side effect of integrating your shipping labels is simply that there will be less clutter and noise in your packing areas.  This should mean that your picking and packing process can speed up, but it might also make the packing station a more pleasant place to work.  It might even mean you can operate from a smaller area.  Declutter your packing station, get rid of printers you don’t need, and you’ll have a bit more space to work in and a more peaceful environment. 

If you’d like to find out more about how integrated labels could help your business, do get in touch with us at Forms Plus.  After more than 30 years in the business, we really do know how to put together the right label for you.